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As a production company, whyFILMS is involved from the conception of the idea to the final product with photography and art direction, executive production, pre-production, production, post-production, camera operators, sound technicians, and DIT, among others.

They are specialized in localization and localization management in the archipelago for cinema, television, advertising, fashion and photography.

They offer and manage the entire filming organization and all the production services that clients may need (permits, logistics, accommodation, drivers).

They also manage tax relief in the Canary Islands for large productions.

Why should you film in the Canary Islands?

3.000hours of light per year
7.943 m2sites
23Constant climate
45Tax refund
0%Corporate tax

Destination the Canary Islands

In the last decade, the archipelago has become a natural setting for the international film industry. Movies like Rambo 5, Wonder Woman 2, Stars Wars, Jason Bourne, Fast and Furious 6 have been filmed largely in the Canary Islands.

The archipelago's various locations allow you to find almost all the continent's scenarios: volcanoes, lunar landscapes, pine groves, lava, primary forests, deserts, beaches, urban life, luxury villas, roads, etc. All along with its good weather and hours of light make the Canary Islands a permanent stage for film, television, documentaries, streaming platforms, spots, video marketing, and photography.

Production Services


A mini continent in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

Volcanoes, deserts, landscapes, beaches, forests, caves, mountains, lunar landscapes, cities, roads, etc.

Localizaciones en CanariasLocalizaciones en CanariasLocalizaciones en CanariasLocalizaciones en CanariasLocalizaciones en CanariasLocalizaciones en Canarias

Tax Incentives for Foreign and Domestic Productions in the Canary Islands

The Canary Islands has a specific tax regime, so to promote economic and social development, they offer several attractive tax advantages for production purposes.


The Canary's REF increases by 20 percentage points the deductions of the Law on Corporate Tax (2, 3, 5 and 6) for audiovisual productions and 80% of the limits.

The incentive goes from 30 -25% deduction to 50 -45% deduction.

Both incentives with a limit of 10 million euros of refund. In the Canary Islands, this limit increases to 18 million euros of refund.

Also, production works, except advertising, carried out through production services, are eligible for 0% IGIC and VAT-free.


We take care of solving all the needs of organization and logistics, permits, drivers, accommodation, production offices, rental of equipment, technical equipment, etc.

We manage all the necessary assistance to shoot in the Canary Islands.

We have multiple spaces for meetings, editing, post-production in our office.

Shuttle service for the shooting is not a problem; we have trucks and vans.

Transportation Supply Service

A professional supply and transport service for any type of filming and event in the Canary Islands.

We have a wide range of possibilities for your camp/shooting set: dressing rooms, production equipment, transport, and communication.

Everything indispensable with the convenience of a single supplier.

  • Movie units
    • For dressing rooms, visiting rooms, changing rooms ...
  • Camera units
    • Units conditioned for the specific requirements of transport and operation of the chamber and DIT units.
  • Production units
    • Expressly equipped for filming as production support with the option of including office space or sanitized bathrooms.
  • Production material
    • Tents, tables, chairs, machinery, lighting, air conditioning, electricity, cleaning, road signs, health and safety equipment, etc.
  • Wardrobe and make-up
    • Professional makeup mirrors, coat racks, hangers, blankets, towels, ironing centers, changing tables, steamers ...
  • Communication and office
    • Walkies, earpieces, mobile phones, portable WIFI routers, megaphones, audio monitors, hard drives, office supplies, etc.

Hotel Accommodation

We have the best partnerships with many hotels of different categories to accommodate the complete filming equipment.

Villas Filming

We offer a wide range of villas, houses or palaces typical from the Canary Islands or farms of large extension for reality's filming, fashion, advertising, etc.

Permission Management

We are in the Canary Islands, and we know the recording permits necessary to film in this paradise in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

We get the necessary permits to record in protected areas, natural areas and beaches.

We also manage the AESA permits to be able to film aerial shots with drones.

We can talk to the city councils to shoot in towns and cities and cut streets and traffic.


We are a topical team with principles and creative people who like big challenges.

We have a long history and experience in feature films, documentaries, spots, corporate videos, video marketing, etc.

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